Maarten Bennis is an entrepreneur, breakthrough thinker and was a tutor at the world famous Design Academy in the Netherlands for several years. He is an independent Apple Mac consultant and has worked on several innovating startup projects. Lidwien Jansen has been a communication expert and writer for more than twenty years. Together with Maarten, they share their passion for education, innovation and development of knowledge. Improving life and striving for sovereignty has been their main motivator for everything they do in life. The secret method on how to stop smoking originated when Maarten attempted to quit smoking in the nineties. A television program was created in the beginning of this century, but has never been broadcasted. In 2013 they decided to reveal the method and put it into writing. Maarten and Lidwien are a couple since 2001, both professionally and in their personal life too. Together they have two children and they live in Bloemendaal, The Netherlands. – See more at: http://blackcardbooks.com/authors/maarten-bennis-lidwien-jansen/#sthash.1vKqXtcX.dpuf


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